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*Discontinued product - this page provided for imformation only*

MC5 Proton Magnetometer

MC5 Display

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The AQUASCAN MC5 has been developed from the highly successful WRECKFINDER MC4 to give a magnetometer with even better performance than the MC4, the design uses a more powerful microprocessor than the MC4, and introduces for the first time in our range of magnetometers the advanced turbo-polarise feature.

This means that the MC5 can now be operated on it's high sensitivity range with a polarise time of half a second. As any professional wreck hunter knows, the distance the magnetometer probe travels between measurements can mean the difference between success and failure when searching for small ferrous objects such as iron cannon. The half second polarise period of the MC5 cuts the distance travelled by the probe by more than half when compared to the MC4.
The MC5 has a range of interface capabilities to provide hardcopy results via a digital printer or chart recorder, in the case of the digital printer option a composite print can be achieved by utilising positional information from a navigation instrument, units of position are input via an NMEA interface port. An Additional software option outputs an ASCII sentence suitable for data-logging via the COMMS port of a PC.



Ideal tool for the location of all types of wreck and underwater ferrous structures. Allows very effective searching of large areas from the surface.


For ease of re-locating good wreck fishing marks and searching for new unfished wrecks which abound in waters around many shores.


Unlimited applications in all types of archaeological wreck investigation, plus general marine survey for cable, pipelines and ferrous targets.


An essential tool for the successful salvage operator in terms of cost effectiveness and efficient target location ahead of recovery operations.



System Description

The MC5 INSTRUMENT comprises an electronic module together with a choice of Toroid & Solenoid sensors (towfish) plus optional cable lengths. The standard cable length supplied is 40M (130ft) stowed on a light-weight storage drum. Lengths of cable up to 60M(200ft) can be supplied with the standard Solenoid or 150M (500ft) with the optional high power Solenoid.Both of the above sensors are contained in durable plastic housings. For parts of the world (equatorial) where the earth's magnetic field has a reduced angle of inclination, the AQUASCAN Toroid sensor is recommended.

The MC5 is a multi control instrument with fully automatic setup. An AREA TUNE control is provided for optimising the signal strength received , this is used in conjunction with a signal strength meter. NB.area tuning is only done initially or when relocating to a new venue of some tens of miles or more distant. The microprocessor design features the following additional controls :- RANGE SETTING, POLARISE TIME , ALARM SET, AUDIO LEVEL & POWER ON-OFF. A large scale meter indicates measured deviation compared to an initial sample, this is displayed as a centre '0' reading. With the RANGE switch set to X1 the magnetometer is at it's most sensitive, giving a scale of -50 to +50 gamma (Nt).

The MC5 system is offered with a range of plug in software options that include digital printer and PC compatibility. This when combined with the NMEA input facility, allows magnetic reading to be correlated and recorded with boat position. Where a PC is available during he course of survey operations, results can be logged, filed and subsequently filtered , processed and revieved.




Diameter 8.0mm Arctic grade PVC
Length options from 40M-150M

Instrument Case

Housing 280x153x65mm
Overall length between gimbals 330mm
Bracket (Stainless Steel) 305x100x25mm

Solenoid Probe

Plastic pressure housing with moulded nose & tailfin array:
Standard 460mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 150mm
High power 700mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 150mm

Toroid Probe

Cast Polyurethethane sealed housing 300mm(L) x 180(W)

Polarisation time

0.5, 1, 2, 3 seconds


Power +12v @ 1.5amps +24v @ 2.5amps
Alarm settings OFF, 10, 20, 50 nT
Ranges LIN 0+/-5000nT. GRAD 0+/-100nT

Area Tune Range

World 25000 to 65000 (nT)/W
European 40000 to 65000 (nT) / E
1nT in range 25000nT to 60000nT
2nT in range ? 60000nT

Gradiometer Range

Indicates the difference between successive readings measurement display

Measurement Display

1mA moving coil meter.

Input / Output

0-1mA. chart recoder output
1 Print/PC o/p interface port 1200/4800 Baud (5v logic)**
1 NMEA 0182/0183 input interface port**
** Optional fully opto-isolated RS232 output port.

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