Aquascan International Ltd

               The underwater metal detection specialists


About Aquascan!

Aquascan International Ltd was incorporated as a Ltd company in 1982 for the purpose of design and manufacturing of specialised underwater electronic detection instruments. Since the incorporation the company has maintained a stable but small workforce. Based at customised premises in Newport, S. Wales; the company has gradually broadened the range and sophistication of the instrumentation produced and has included the provision of customer training and the supply of specialist survey services to clients.

The market place for the company products and services is truly world-wide with a high proportion of the business being export based. The USA forms an important part of the export business and is served by two sales service outlets. Sales to the rest of the world are in general carried out on a direct basis, although a level of business is carried out through trade outlets. Technical services to the marine industry have also formed an important part of the Aquascan business over recent years, with a number of survey contracts being completed in a number of overseas countries.