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DX300 Diver Magnetometer!


The AQUASCAN DX300 has been developed as a powerful detection tool for the diver, providing a solution for a multitude of detection requirements. One major role is to complement the towed magnetometer where solid evidence from the surface survey is met with a flat apparent debris free seabed, diver investigation with the DX300 can readily pinpoint deeply buried ferrous anomalies. The DX300 supercedes the popular and very successful DX200 version and features an even higher sensitivity and stability.
The system has a selectable sensitivity which in itself can assist in the progressive pinpointing of a target, response is indicated by an audible tone allowing the diver to determine the closest proximity to a target by the progressive increase in audible tone.


The DX300 has been designed to utilise the same housing as the familiar AQUAPULSE (AQ1B) range of metal detectors. The system comprises a robust DX300 electronic module together with an RX200 (80cm (32") length) detection probe, a slim Bonephone (or optionally Underwater Headphones) and a universal mains charger. Connections are made to the control unit with the same robust underwater Ikelite connectors as the AQ1B range.
The mains charger, Bonephone & Headphones are identical to those supplied with the AQ1B family, this allows existing AQ1B owners to utilise these items on a crossover basis. An internal NiMH battery pack gives a minimum of 12 hours operation when fully charged and can be readily topped up at any time without the drawback of “memory” effects.
The RX200 probe utilises a pair of high sensitivity Fluxgate magnetic sensors with a 600mm (approx 2ft) spacing, these are built into a robust GRP housing together with a pre-conditioning combiner circuit. A two metre polyurethane sheathed cable couples the probe to the control unit via an Ikelite connector. One of 4 sensitivity modes can be selected, this allows the system to be progressively de-sensitised as a target is investigated. The audible output can be preset to be silent or at a low frequency such that a minor change in pitch can be observed, this is how the presence of metallic items is determined. The proportional nature of the audio response allows the object to be accurately pinpointed or tracked as in the case of a pipe or cable. The nature of a response can also be helpful in determining the way a buried object is laying – such as an anchor or cannon.

The RX200 probe is also available with longer cable lengths, up to 100m; this allows the system to be used from the surface for towed or drop down and drift applications.


PIPE TRACKER - This system can be used to locate and follow ferrous sub sea pipes down to burial depths of several meters.
CABLE TRACKER - As per pipe tracker above.
UXO DETECTOR- The DX-300 has been successfully used on numerous contracts to locate unexploded ordinance (UXO).
See this news article for news on UXO training with the DX300
SALVAGE & ARCHAEOLOGY - An invaluable tool to locate all buried ferrous material down to burial depths of several metres.
POLICE SEARCH TEAMS - Ideal for a range of applications including locating discarded weapons and homing in on targets in very low viz such as submerged vehicles. The DX300 will pinpoint a vehicle in 10 metres depth from the surface prior to diving to confirm.

Available documents:
DX300 Brochure (PDF)
DX300 Operators manual (PDF)
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